Zero Kuppai Communities – Step by Step Guide

  1. Please reach out to or for any support in SWM process.
  2. The link to presentation for residents – Englishதமிழ்
  3. Send a general communication to all the residents of your community saying that your community will be starting to do waste segregation very soon ( refer to FORCE-GW SWM-awareness email draft ).This mail should include –  
    • Benefits of segregation, harmful effects of plastic, advantages of recycling  etc (provide links)
    • Need for volunteers
  4. Get two/three committed core volunteers for every 20 homes.
  5. Finalize the SWM vendor  ( You can do your own research  to suit your community needs/budget, are a few of them)
  6. Get more volunteers. (one per 15 units)
  7. Based on the vendor’s inputs, your community needs, volunteers come up with a “Waste Segregation Guidelines” chart. This should describe segregation details, waste collection days and other instructions.(.(refer to FORCE-GW SWM – Guidelines chart  or 2bin1bag resource page  @!apartments/c11rd )
  8. Hire waste collectors for door to door collection – 2 for 150 units?? ( In pairs so that absenteeism can be handled )
  9. Procure 2Bin-1Bag kit for the residents, bigger waste collection bins and waste collection cart. (refer  refer to FORCE-GW 2Bin-1Bag contacts )
  10. Get the printouts of the “Waste Segregation Guidelines” chart. Get stickers .( refer to FORCE-GW SWM – stickers ) for the bins (if the bins are color coded, no need for stickers)
  11. Give training to the waste collectors.
  12. Send an email (refer to FORCE-GW SWM-launch email draft ) and a text message (at least 2 weeks before starting the segregation process) to all the residents informing –  
    • the starting date of waste segregation
    • about the door to door distribution of  “Waste Segregation Guidelines” chart and “2Bin 1Bag” by the volunteers.
    • The need for buying the required dustbins
  13. Get the signature of the residents after distributing “2Bin 1Bag”, the “Waste Segregation Guidelines” chart and stickers (refer to FORCE-GW SWM_SignSheet template  ).
  14. You are set to kick off!!!
  15. The first two weeks have to be monitored by writing down the defaulter’s house#. They have to be informed by email/volunteer explaining the need for waste segregation. After the grace period, segregation should be strictly enforced by not picking up the unsegregated waste.