Vendors for Compostors, Bins / Bags & Dry waste


Vendors for home compostors:

  2. – both plastic and sand versions

Vendors for community compostors:

The following are some of the vendors who sell ready made community composting structures that are being used in communities in Chennai. They are more expensive and not as durable as cement structures but are probably more aesthetic.

  1. Mygreenbin:
    1. 2×1000 KG composters in use at Suraj-Chand towers, LB Road, Adyar.
  2. Aaditi Stonesoup:
  3. Dailydump Aaga:
    1. Being used at Ceebros Belvedere, Sholinganallur since years


Vendors supplying bins and bags for segregation:

The color-coded recycled plastic bins with a handle and lid seem the best for handling. Please opt for them. Bins without lids cannot be left outside for door collection in homes that are locked during day. Also without color coding its very difficult to see segregation happening.

Every member of the family in every home is responsible and so basic things need to be taken care. If people say they have bins already – ask them to stash it for use later – no bin is going to last a life time after all.

  • 500 sets plus bin orders – Jai Mahesh Products, Madhavaram – 9 litre green and red bins with metal handles – Rs.37 – Krishna 7904716768
  • Small orders from the same vendor above at same rates can be given from CTC stock at Srinivasapuram Jai Mahesh – Ashok 9382577264
  • Shyam – WasteWinn (Bin and bag and large dry waste store bags) – Chennai – 9551637979
  • 2bin1bag Bags – GSM Traders, Parrys – Rs.25 each – 9176596754
  • Lathiba plastic store (Bins only) – Saidapet – 044 24332916 – (We negotiated a set of recycled 9 litre Green and 5 litre Red bins for Rs.75 or Rs.80. Code names are Win10TR and Mass 10TR)
  • Lalith – Parrys Corner (Bins/Bags) – 9150022005
  • or Get 2bin1bag bags shipped from retailers in Bangalore:!eco-retailers/c1gez

Vendor for trolley:

  • Dazil (Anglo-India welder) with shop near Marina beach – Rs.4000 – 9884515522 – He  can accept bank transfer and dispatch to your address.


Waste management companies:

The following vendors operate in their own unique models and collect dry waste at our door step. You may also reach any local small recyclers who do a decent job too except for e-Waste.

  1. NGO Saahas –
  2. – Works with communities to collect dry waste – Ashok 9840643216
  3. Kabadiwalla Connect – They are a network of local recyclers who collect dry waste at door step.
  4. – Collects our dry waste at doorstep – Min 75Kg
  5. – Optionally donates the cash for our trash to NGOs of our choice.
  6. – Pays for our dry waste at doorstep monthly

Most of the above vendors and local recyclers will take most of your stuff except thin plastics which you need to accumulate and reach out to Sudha Pillai of Ganesh Enterprises (9962412833). She will arrange to pick it up in bulk. They are into plastics to fuel apparently – probably the best way to dispose thin plastics as of now with Corporation too not doing a great job of shredding them for road laying.

For Thin plastic waste – Contact Sudha Pillai of Ganesh Enterprises (9962412833)