Enablers for “Zero Kuppai” communities

Go bin free:

An enabler for “Zero Kuppai” movement as soon as there is a minimum threshold of say some 10% support in a street or locality is making the street or locality bin free. There after the only way wet waste, dry waste and rejects can be disposed off  would be at doorsteps. Yes, enabling door to door collection is an integral part of “Zero Kuppai” movement. Waste cannot be dumped at will in the bins and sent to landfills.

This way 100% compliance can be forced upon soon after a minimum threshold is reached with the help of environment conscious residents. Prior to that the conscious lot of the residents can go on a signature campaign to sign up most residents for door to door collection and elimination of the notorious street corner bin.

The challenges:

  1. Managing corporation worker absenteeism – whenever the worker is absent some alternative arrangement to store organic waste and rejects inside the apartment complex gates must be made.
  2. Segregating waste into three within the household. Continuous monitoring, numbering of bins, identification of defaulters and counselling by floor/street/building captains is required till people get habituated.



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