Zero Kuppai Movement


It is high time all the conscious citizen of our country got into action to tackle the solid waste mismanagement and the resultant garbage dumps that are screwing up our environment. Though lots been talked about and done, the solution for garbage crisis seems distant with government and people blaming each other.

But there is no need for the blame game at all. The solution is simple and well within the might of each individual and housing complex in the city that cares a little. All one has to do is, segregate and recycle all the dry solid waste (except very few categories like sanitary and medical waste).

Yes. Storing dry waste and sending it for recycle is all we need to do. While the Chennai Corporation and other municipalities are yet to get their act together to collect separately and prevent inorganic solid waste from going into dumps, the few following players are doing a great job of collecting dry waste from our doorsteps and sending them for recycling. They operate in their own unique models and cover large parts of the Chennai city.

  1. – Works with communities to collect dry waste
  2. – Pays for our dry waste at doorstep monthly
  3. – Collects our dry waste at doorstep – Min 75Kg
  4. – Donates the cash for our trash to NGOs of our choice.

All of them (except paperman which uses kaaylaankadais, some of whom may not take thin plastics) collect all kinds of plastic and e-waste which create the most havoc when they end up in a landfill like Perungudi or Kodungaiyur. They don’t collect used footwear, clothes, bags etc disposing which may not be a major problem for now till a solution is found. The only constraint they have – to make the door to door collection economical they need a minimum quantity of waste to collect – which is why you need to “Store Your Waste” for a month or till you/your locality collect enough for them to roll in their truck.

Now, the immediate question – how to store a month or so of dry solid waste in space constrained cities? The reasonably weather proof and large parcel bags come in as a handy solution to STORE YOUR DRY WASTE in a terrace or portico or any open space that you can find in your household or residential complex. Vendors can help you procure these bags at a price of Rs.20 to Rs.30 each depending on the size. You can buy and reuse them!!

Big bags

Lets all join hands and make waste recycling a reality and toxic garbage dumps a thing of the past. Lets put an end to the hazardous and illegal dumps and leave our planet liveable for our own children.

Are you going to stop mixing waste or going to enable your apartment complex or street? Please leave a comment here or contact us.

10 thoughts on “Zero Kuppai Movement

  1. Very essential service needed in this critical time to save our earth…I’ll join u definitely
    All the best
    In my house my mom is doing segregation for the past ten years.

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  2. Great work Guys.

    I run a business named TrashGaadi that is involved in the collection of recyclables such as plastic, paper, metal, glass, including the low value recyclables such as tetrapaks, clothes, shoes, banners etc., We wanted to bring more efficiency into the traditional recycling value chain by bringing more items for recycling so that they don’t end up in landfills. Please visit our website for more details about the work that we do and please let me know in case you would like to collaborate with us on dry waste collection.


    1. Thanks Ashok. Would love to work with recyclers like you.
      I have a couple of questions meanwhile:
      1. Do you also collect flex banners? Are they recyclable?
      2. What do you do with low value thin plastics covers. Give their bulk and costly transport local recyclers skip it. How does it work out for you?


      1. Flex banners are nt recyclable…it can be upcycled…as bags & sacks…i do tht service…


  3. Hi,
    We do collect flex banners and we are discussing with few NGOs who use it to produce bags, pouches etc., to either sell it to them or give it away for free. As with plastic covers, we have tied up with a company in Chennai which uses it to produce fuel by pyrolysis method. I understand that plastic covers aren’t collected by the local recyclers since they have a low recycling value and we are trying to fill this gap by bringing these as part of our recycling value chain. It does results in greater operational costs for us but we started the business with the objective of ensuring that as much of the dry waste gets diverted from the landfills and is reused/ recycled in some way. Recently, we have also started creating awareness sessions in bigger communities about waste segregation and recycling. Please write to me at for more details or you could call me at 9884687274 so that we could discuss in detail.



    1. I am seperating all plastics and accumulating this. Kindly let me know if that can be collected on a regular basis. I can initiate this with our street. Fyi i am part of TAKSRA in Mandaveli.


  4. Hi. I live in Velachery in high rise Apartment, and i have been trying to waste segregation for over 3 years now. Personally at home we invested a home composter for kitchen waste and been collecting all other recyclable liked of plastic bags/grocery bags/chocolate-biscuit wraps and all possible kinds of plastics that are ubiquitous in our daily life.
    Unlike paper products, the above mentioned aren’t welcome by all the common recyclers. Even paperman hires local kabadiwallas who take and dump it elsewhere, got this confessed by one such collector, hence am on desperate look out for authentic plastic recyclers who can take all variants and refuse to just get rid of them to just about anyone who is willing to take. Kuppaithotti was very reliable but he has suspended his ops for a brief period and hence this message if there’s an organized approach to recyclable waste process I would like to sign up our apartment for the same. Please let me know.


    1. Apologies for the delayed reply. What you are saying is true. High temp burning at Cement plants or incinerators are the only disposal options for these contaminated and low value plastics as of today and they are not desirable due to various issues. The Extended producer responsibility per the SWM 2016 law is the way to go to nudge producers towards more sustainable packaging. Like Aavin payinh 10 paise per cover, all the producers are supposed to collect back the wrappers at a price. Its yet to work well and followed by all but thats the way to go. For now you need to dump them in the road side bin. You may try a few recyclers in our list. Some have restarted operations.


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